Military Factions

Each of the main races has their own military faction that you can join and gain ranks with. Some of these military are also connected to various plots.

You can only be a member of one military at a time, and leaving will lose your rank, so you have to start over.


Recruitment involves finding the military recruiter and doing a simple mission (usually a border patrol).

RaceWhereCostCombat RankNotoriety
ArgonMilitary Outpost (Elena’s Fortune Alpha)30,000Veteran (10)Trusted Ally (6)


  1. Enlistee
  2. Private
  3. Lance Corporal
  4. Corporal
  5. Sergeeant
  6. Staff Sergeant
  7. Lieutenant
  8. Captain
  9. Major
  10. Colonel


Once joined, you will find various missions available from the Military Outposts of the Faction. These missions will reward you with experience to move up the ranks in the Military. Unlocking more and harder missions.

  • Sector Patrol: Standard patrol mission for a single sector
  • Military Patrol: Join up with a patrol leader and patrol a number of sectors