A number of new pieces of equipment have been added to the game. Some of these are related to the guilds, and others are just additional equipment.

Advanced Jumpdrive9,110,824L20Various Corporation Headquarters
Advanced Jumpdrive Accelerator17,926,236TerraCorp Headquarters
Dukes Haven
Darkspace Installation
Boarding Transporter Extension9,989,156MPirate Anarchy Ports
Some Spilt Equipment Docks
TerraCorp Headquarters
ATF Military Docks
Earth Torus
Bounty Hunters Licence181,084Bounty Hunters Guild Headquarters
Bounty Tracking Computer168,452Bounty Hunters Guild Headquarters
Assassins Guild Headquarters
Cargo Tracker Beam275,136M3Pirate Anarchy Ports
Docking Extension Software2,164,936Various Docks
Ejector Seat968,596S2Terran Military Docks
Argon Equipment Docks
Split Equipment Docks
Pirate Anarchy Ports
Enhanced Mineral Scanner96,580Teladi Equipment Docks
Pirate Base
NMMC Headquarters
Terran Supply Stations
Escape Pod3,790,152M10Terran Military Docks
Paranid Equipment Docks
Boron Equipment Docks
Pirate Anarchy Ports
FTL Jumpdrive Extension138,453,808TerraCorp Headquarters
Dukes Haven
Darkspace Installation
Jumpdrive Energy Generator6,338,116M15Terran Docks
Pirate Bases
Various Military Outposts
Merchant Network Uplink118,476Merchants Guild
Salvage Claim Software4,512,076Teladi Equipment Docks
Pirate Anarchy Ports
Saturn Research Station
Darkspace Headquarters
NMMC Headquarters
Solar Energy Generator9,826,320M14TerraCorp HQ
Dukes Haven
Orbital Defence Station (Lost Colonies)
Darkspace HQ
Trading System Extension MK2180,244Teladi Equipment Docks
NMMC Headquarters
USC Supply Stations
Trading System Extension MK361,764Teladi Equipment Docks
Strong Arms HQ
Saturn Research Station
Small Orbital Weapons Platform22,460,156ST6000Argon Shipyards
Split Shipyards
Terran Shipyards
Pirate Shipyards
Yaki Shipyards
Medium Orbital Weapons Platform33,690,236ST10000Argon Shipyards
Split Shipyards
Terran Shipyards
Pirate Shipyards
Yaki Shipyards
Large Orbital Weapons Platform50,535,352ST13000Argon Shipyards
Split Shipyards
Terran Shipyards
Pirate Shipyards
Yaki Shipyards
Basic Cabin519,392M7Celestial Navigators Headquarters
Normal Cabin875,948M10Celestial Navigators Headquarters
Family Cabin1,123,008L12Celestial Navigators Headquarters
Luxury Cabin1,403,760L12Celestial Navigators Headquarters
Executive Cabin2,526,768L15Celestial Navigators Headquarters
Captain’s Quarters2,277,516L12Celestial Navigators Headquarters
Argon Secret Service Outpost
Atreus Headquarters
Dukes Haven
Saturn Research Station

Equipment Packs

There are numerous equipment packs available, which allows easier transporting of equipment between ships.

Advanced Jumpdrive

Crafted by Cycrow Labs in Getsu Fune, the Advanced Jumpdrive merges the jump drive with an integrated energy generator, rendering it entirely self-sustaining. This innovative design eliminates the need for external energy sources during jumps. Additionally, the Advanced Jumpdrive offers supplementary add-ons that enhance its versatility and capabilities.

Allows energy free jumping via the Advanced Jump menu.

Advanced Jumpdrive Accelerator

This enhancement to the Advanced Jumpdrive accelerates the activation speed of the jumpdrive, virtually instantaneously initiating jumps.

Boarding Transporter Extension

Designed as a pivotal advancement, this enhancement significantly extends the capabilities of the transporter device. Its primary function is to facilitate the teleportation of marines, strategically empowering boarding actions against adversary vessels. This sophisticated upgrade proves invaluable in enabling swift and covert insertion of marines onto enemy ships, providing a strategic advantage in the intricacies of interstellar conflict. As a result, the enhancement enhances the versatility of the transporter device, offering a decisive edge in the realm of space-based engagements.

Replaces the need to use boarding pods, or space walking marines. Requires the Transporter device to be also installed.

Make sure you have the hotkey setup in controls, this is found in the Game tab, under Upgrades.

To Board a ship, you need to make sure the targets shield is down, and remains down until your marines are on the target ship. Get within 1km and use the hotkey to start the device

Stay within range of the ship while keeping the shields down, once the Transporter reaches 100%, your marines will be transported across and the boarding will begin. The time it takes to complete, will depend on your marines skills, and targets defences.

Bounty Hunters Licence

The bounty licence serves as a pivotal instrument in the realm of bounty hunting, enabling individuals to access enhanced bounty payments resulting from a variety of police licences. This unique licence structure ensures that those wielding the bounty licence have the capacity to maximize their earnings by tapping into diverse opportunities presented by different law enforcement agencies. Moreover, it is imperative for individuals to possess the race licence specific to the sector they are operating in, establishing a crucial link between their legal permissions and the jurisdiction in which they are actively pursuing bounties. This dual-licence system ensures not only financial incentives but also legal compliance, creating a comprehensive framework for bounty hunters to navigate the intricate landscape of their chosen sectors.

Every time you receive a bounty payment from a police licence, you will receive an larger additional payment on top

Bounty Tracking Computer

The tracking system, a sophisticated piece of technology, offers the invaluable capability of actively monitoring bounties in real-time. Its functionality extends to the seamless download of comprehensive bounty information directly from the Guild Board, facilitating a streamlined and efficient process for identifying and tracking selected bounties. However, it is crucial to bear in mind that this cutting-edge device imposes a limitation, allowing the simultaneous tracking of only a restricted number of bounties. Despite this constraint, its ability to enhance the precision and speed of bounty tracking proves instrumental in aiding bounty hunters as they navigate the dynamic and often challenging landscape of pursuing their designated targets.

This allow better tracking of bounties, by highlighting them in the sector list. This also includes audio cues when you get close to make it easier to spot them.

Cargo Tractor Beam

Following a series of incidents during salvage operations, the pirate clans opted to devise a more efficient method for collecting their plunder. Subsequently, by appropriating blueprints for the Paranid Tractor Beam, they ingeniously cobbled together a makeshift device. This contraption enables them to employ the tractor beam on adjacent salvage crates, drawing them towards their ships with newfound speed and efficacy.

First setup the hotkey for use, found in Game tab, under Upgrades.

Once installed, just hold down the hotkey, and the device will slowly pull all collectable crates towards the ship. They will be collected automatically once it’s close enough. Keep the hotkey down until everything you want is collected.

Docking Extension Software

Integrated into your ship’s autopilot system, this software enables seamless utilization of the Docking Computer for automated teleportation into the docking bay as soon as you enter its range.

Automatically uses the docking computer to dock a ship flying with autopilot when within range, requires the Docking Computer installed as well. This will work on all ships that its installed onto.

Ejector Seat

This advanced upgrade represents a pivotal enhancement in spaceship safety, providing a seamless and automated solution for pilot ejection when the ominous threat of imminent ship destruction looms. In critical situations where the integrity of the spaceship is compromised, this cutting-edge feature ensures the swift and efficient expulsion of the pilot from the cockpit, maximizing the chances of a safe escape. The system is meticulously designed to detect and respond to the impending danger with unparalleled precision, offering an added layer of protection to pilots in high-risk scenarios.

When installed in your ship, you will eject automatically when your current ship is destroyed.

Enhanced Mineral Scanner

The Enhanced Mineral Scanner boasts a heightened scanning capability compared to the conventional counterpart, enabling it to detect additional items such as crystals buried deep within an asteroid.

Allows the option to deep scan an asteroids, some asteroids contain other valuable items that the enhanced mineral scanner can detect.

Once installed, you can access the Deep Scan option from the asteroids context menu, its usable when within 5km.

The progress is displayed below

Once it reaches 100%, you can check the asteroid to see what’s inside (if anything)

Escape Pod

The escape capsule represents a heightened evolution of the conventional ejector seat, offering pilots a swift exit from imminent threats. This advanced system surpasses the traditional spacesuit in speed, enabling a rapid departure from danger and facilitating a prompt return to safety, ensuring enhanced protection for the pilot in critical situations.

When installed in your ship, you will use it automatically when your current ship is destroyed. The escape pod will attempt to dock at the closest stations, you can cancel autopilot and fly yourself. Once you leave the Escape pod, it will self destruct.

FTL Jumpdrive Extension

This enhancement to the Advanced Jumpdrive empowers your vessel to utilize faster-than-light technology, allowing for instantaneous jumps to any location within the current sector.

Allows point to point jumping within a sector when used with the Advanced Jumpdrive and Advanced Jump menu.

Jumpdrive Energy Generator

This device generates the energy needed for jumps, eliminating the need for the jump drive to consume energy.

Allows energy free jumps for the normal jumpdrive when used via the Advanced Jump menu.

This software links to the centralized trading hub of the Merchant’s Guild, providing current trading information for product searches.

Can be used in various commands like the Product Search and Search Trade Routes.

Salvage Claim Software

The Teladi sought assistance from Cycrow Technologies Inc to create an improved device for claiming abandoned ships. As many races began deeming the old system override software illegal in their sectors, the Teladi required a superior tool. The Salvage Claim Software emerges as the advanced version, equipped with the capability to deceive ship scanners, rendering it undetectable by police customs. Moreover, it boasts an extended range and enhanced functionality. This device can seamlessly integrate with a ship’s onboard computer, allowing direct collaboration with the autopilot system.

This can be used via a hotkey, just target the abandoned ship and use the hotkey to claim once you are within range.

You can also activate the device via the ships context menu.

An auto pilot command is also available, Claim Abandoned Ship.

Solar Energy Generator

The Solar Energy Generator harnesses the solar panels employed in Power Plants to produce energy cells onboard a ship. Its compact size and limited panel count affect its efficiency, making it less potent than a standard power plant. However, when combined with a Jumpdrive, it can still prove valuable. It necessitates available crystals for energy cell creation.

Converts Crystals in your cargo hold to energy cells

Trading System Extension MK2

The Trading System Extension MK2 will allow you to utilise your satellite network to search for wares across the universe and check the stock available and price.

This software enables the use of the ship command, Ware Search.

Trading System Extension MK3

The Trading System Extension MK3 will allow view production of a specific product across the whole universe.

This software enables the use of the ship command, Local Ware Analysis, as well as Search Trade Route.

Orbital Weapons Platforms

The large weapons platforms are useful for defending sectors. They can be bought at various shipyards, and deployed using your own TL. These platforms come in 3 sizes, and will require you install the weapons seperatly.

To deploy, buy the platform from a shipyard and load it onto your TL. Then when in the sector you wish to deploy, find the option in the freight bay.

Then select the option to Deploy.

Then finally select the location in the sector to deploy.

Basic Cabin

The budget cabin represents the most economical and compact lodging option, designed for individuals with budget constraints seeking affordable travel. It features a cozy bed and minimal entertainment amenities, offering a no-frills accommodation experience.

This allows the transportation of passengers from the Celestial Navigators Guild.

Normal Cabin

This typical cabin is commonly chosen by the average traveller, serving as the preferred accommodation option. It includes a spacious bed and a diverse array of entertainment amenities for use during the journey. Moreover, the standard cabin provides more room compared to the Budget cabin, ensuring a more comfortable and less confined experience for travellers.

This allows the transportation of passengers from the Celestial Navigators Guild.

Family Cabin

The Family Cabin surpasses the standard cabin in size and is specifically crafted for accommodating a small family instead of a single guest. It comes equipped with a family bed and a smaller child’s bed. Additionally, this cabin provides extra children’s toys for the entertainment of young passengers. Opting for the Family Cabin proves to be a more economical choice compared to traveling in separate cabins.

This allows the transportation of passengers from the Celestial Navigators Guild.

Luxury Cabin

The Luxury Cabin caters to travellers with a more generous budget, exceeding the size of the Standard Cabin. It boasts a King-sized bed and is adorned with various luxurious amenities, ensuring an opulent experience. Additionally, the cabin offers a fully temperature-controlled environment, enhancing overall comfort during the stay.

This allows the transportation of passengers from the Celestial Navigators Guild.

Executive Cabin

The Executive Cabin stands as the most spacious among all available cabins. In addition to the King-sized bed, this cabin is equipped with a dedicated workstation, catering to business travelers who require a productive environment during their journeys.

This allows the transportation of passengers from the Celestial Navigators Guild.

Captain’s Quarters

Within the confines of the captain’s quarters lies a dedicated space designed for the captain or pilot to unwind and rejuvenate, offering a brief respite from the rigors of interstellar travel. Upon docking at a station, take a deliberate moment to retreat into the tranquil ambiance of your cabin. Here, amidst the quiet hum of technology, find solace in observing the vast expanse of the universe unfolding beyond the viewport. Allow the mesmerizing cosmic tapestry to captivate your senses and provide a brief escape before embarking on the next cosmic journey.

This allows you to engage SETA and wait, while you are docked at any station.