Mercenaries Guild

In the turbulent and lawless depths of the galaxy, the Mercenary Guild emerged as a formidable force, forged from a coalition of battle-hardened warriors, combat specialists, and renegade soldiers who sought independence and adventure beyond the constraints of conventional military structures.


The Mercenaries Guild had their origins in the aftermath of a brutal interstellar conflict that had devastated entire systems, known as the Boron Campaign. Many of the veterans who had once served their respective factions found themselves disillusioned with the relentless cycle of war. They yearned for freedom, self-determination, and the opportunity to put their combat expertise to profitable use.

Under the visionary leadership of Split General Ghorok t’Zhht, a charismatic and battle-scarred commander, the Mercenaries Guild was founded. This guild quickly gained a reputation for their unwavering loyalty to their contracts, efficient execution of missions, and an unwavering commitment to maintaining their code of honor.

The guild’s diverse membership encompassed warriors from all corners of the galaxy, each with their own unique set of skills and combat styles. From cyber-enhanced soldiers to elite snipers, and starship aces to infiltration specialists, the Mercenaries Guild offered a versatile force ready to undertake a wide range of missions, from defensive operations and combat training to clandestine espionage and planetary invasions.

Contracts for the Mercenaries Guild varied widely, from providing security to trade convoys and defense to beleaguered colonies to toppling oppressive regimes and eradicating dangerous criminal organizations. The guild’s reputation for delivering results made them a sought-after force in the galaxy, attracting a broad clientele of planetary governments, megacorporations, and even private individuals.

General Ghorok t’Zhht instilled a strong sense of honor among the mercenaries, which included a strict rule against harming civilians, protecting their clients’ interests, and upholding the guild’s legacy of reliability. The Mercenaries Guild were notorious for never backing down from a fight, even in the face of overwhelming odds, and their iconic emblem, a pair of crossed celestial swords, became a symbol of hope and strength throughout the galaxy.

The Mercenary Guild’s story was one of camaraderie, adventure, and the pursuit of independence. They stood as a powerful testament to the indomitable spirit of those who chose to forge their destiny amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the stars.


Spoiler: Headquarters Location

After disagreements with the Split Families, the Guild moved away from Split space and setup a new Headquarters near Paranid space, in the sector Mercenaries Vengeance.



Gain experience by completing guild tasks and missions to increase your rank.

  1. Novice Recruit
  2. Starblade Cadet
  3. Astroblade Enforcer
  4. Void Marauder
  5. Cosmic Vanguard
  6. Nebula Captian
  7. Galactic Reckoner
  8. Stellar Warlord
  9. Celestial Overlord
  10. Cosmic Sovereign