Main Features:

Additional Features

SETA Resuming

This option allows for your SETA to remain active when travelling between sectors. If you use autopilot to travel from sector to sector, SETA will be automatically activated when you arrive at the next sector if it was enabled while approaching the gate. This only works when using auto pilot however.

You can enable or disable this option in the main configuration menu.

Gate Safety

This option improves the safety when traveling through gates, it will make you temporarily immune to collision when moving through gates.

This option can be adjusted in the Guilds Configuration Menu.

Defensive Marines

Found in the Guilds Configuration Menu you can set the option to added defensive marines onto NPC ships. This will make boarding more difficult as most ships you try to board will have defending marines trying to stop you. You can set the amount you wish to add to the ships.

Also make sure the option is enabled in the Artificial Life (AL) Plugins Menu.

Crystal Mining

Various types of crystals have been added inside asteroids. When you mobile mine them, the items will appear for you to collect.

You can use the Enhanced Mineral Scanner to deep scan asteroids to reveal the crystals inside.

These crystals can be sold for great profits at various trading stations.

Racial Flagships

The main races now have a flag ship with a unique name, flying around their capital sector. Similar to the Argon One, except for all races.