Assassins Guild

In the shadowy depths of the intergalactic underworld, a clandestine organization known as the Assassins Guild arose, becoming the stuff of whispered legends and chilling tales among the stars. They were the Silent Shadows of the Stars, feared and revered for their unparalleled skills in the art of assassination.


The origins of the Assassins Guild remain shrouded in mystery, their formation obscured by a tapestry of lies, disinformation, and untraceable trails. It is said that the guild was born out of a coalition of elite mercenaries, ex-military operatives, and brilliant scientists, each with their own reasons for delving into the darkest realms of contract killing.

Under the fearless leadership of a figure known only as “SquidKiller”, presumed to be a Split pirate from a long dead Split Family, the Assassins Guild meticulously honed their craft. They embraced cutting-edge technology, biologically enhanced agents, and specialized weaponry to become the most formidable assassins in the galaxy. Each member was trained to be a master of disguise, infiltration, and the art of silent takedowns.

Contracts for the Assassins Guild ranged from eliminating political dissidents and corporate rivals to sabotaging interstellar negotiations and erasing individuals who possessed knowledge too dangerous to be shared. With their reputation for efficiency and discretion, the Assassins Guild garnered an ever-expanding clientele that spanned across the galaxies.

The guild’s creed emphasized a strict code of ethics, forbidding the assassination of innocents and limiting their targets to those deemed a genuine threat to galactic peace or criminal justice. Despite their morally ambiguous work, the Assassins Guild maintained a sense of honor among their ranks, enforced by brutal consequences for any who strayed from their code.

As their legend grew, the Assassins Guild faced opposition from law enforcement, bounty hunters, and rival organizations who sought to bring them down. The guild’s notoriety for their impeccable ability to escape capture only added to their mystique.

The stories of the Assassins Guild became a chilling reminder that in the sprawling expanse of the cosmos, there were always shadows lurking in the corners, ready to carry out the deadliest of missions. The Silent Shadows of the Stars served as a dark undercurrent in the grand tapestry of intergalactic politics and intrigue, a guild whose power and influence left a lasting mark on the annals of the universe.


Spoiler: Headquarters Location

The Assassins Guild HQ is located aboard a ship in pirate space, in the sector Gaian’s Star.


The recruitment mission starts at the Headquarter when you have sufficient combat rank and pirate reputation. You will also be charged an non-refundable administration fee of 20,000 credits. Failure will result in additional fees.

  • Combat Rank: Specialist
  • Pirate Rank: Boarding Leader
  • Fee: 20,000 credits


  1. Initiate Shadows
  2. Silent Blade
  3. Veiled Operative
  4. Shadow Infiltrator
  5. Assassination Specalist
  6. Master Shadows
  7. Dark Executor
  8. Guild Emissary
  9. Eternal Shade
  10. Grand Arbiter of the Brotherhood


Once you are a member of the Guild, you will be able to get missions from the Headquarters.

  • Assassination (Standard Kill a target mission)

These will be available every 2 to 3 hours.

Guild Board

You will find tasks available on the Guild Board. These are in the form of assassination targets and are found in the Bounties tab. Any bounty that’s marked as a Assassination will be for the Assassins Guild.

You can set the Guild Filter to the Assassins Guild, to only show tasks for the Guild.


You can view the bounties info which will display how much the bounty is worth.

Selecting the bounties will give you additional options.

Info will display the Bounty Info display with additional information.

Track Bounty will add to the Tracked Bounties, if already tracked, the option will be replaced with Remove Tracking.

Send to Log will send the bounty info to your ships log so you can view it later.

Target Tracking

Unlike with missions, you will not have any guide to find the targets, you will have to find them yourself. They may also not be in the marked sector, this is just around where they operate. You may have to search the surrounding sectors as well.

If you have the target set to Tracked, then you can view them from any Guild Board as well as asking passers by if they have seen them.

If they have seen the bounty previously, they will give you the sector and approximate time they saw them.

The Bounty Tracking Computer will make it easier to track, but also highlighting your tracked targets as well as audio cues when they are nearby.


Payment for targets are received once you kill the target, you will also gain experience at the same time to help you gain levels within the guild.