Game Starts

Game Start Groups

TutorialsA list of tutorials to play through, these take place in a specifically designed galaxy.
Farnham’s LegacyThe main Farnham’s Legacy starts. These all start in the Void and require going through the main Farnham’s Legacy plot to get back to the main universe. Requires doing the Terran Spy plot before progressing to the Terran Conflict plots
GuildsThe Guild starts will start you as a prominent member in the guild. These starts also give you your Headquarters at the beginning.
Terran ConflictThese are a few starts that featured in Terran Conflict, and will start with the Terran Conflict Plots. The Headquarters and Hub requires doing to Terran Conflict plots.
Albion PreludeThese are a few starts that featured in Albion Prelude. These will start with the Albion Prelude plots. The Main Terran Conflict and Aldrin Plots will be considered complete, so cant be done with these starts. The Hub and Headquarters will use the Albion Prelude version of the Plots.
Expanded SandboxThese are the expanded sandbox starts from Farnham’s Legacy. The start with your Headquarters , and requires doing the Terran Spy plot before progressing the Terran Conflict plots
Challenging SandboxThese are the challenging sandbox starts from Farnham’s Legacy. These require to find and active the Headquarters. These also require you to do the Terran Spy plot before progressing the Terran Conflict plots
Classic StartsThese are some starts that have appeared in most X3 games. These work similar to the Terran Conflict starts
Custom/ModifiedThese are special options for Custom starts or Custom Galaxies (Mainly for additional modding)


A list of tutorials to help learn certain aspects of the game. These take place is a specifically designed galaxy rather than in the main game.

Flight School

This start is a basic training exercise that teaches you the basics of flying a ship. This also includes an additional more advanced training course, introducing the means the travel around the galaxy.

Farnham’s Legacy Starts

These are the original starts from Farnham’s Legacy, these start you in the The Void where you must do the main Farnham’s Legacy Plot. These are the only starts where the plot is available.

The Headquarters and The Hub are unlocked during the course of the plot.

Guild Starts

New starts that are connected to the various guilds or race militaries. Some of these starts will also include additional plots/introduction stories.

Argon Military Cadet

Start as a member of the Argon Military, includes an introductory set of missions, before leading directly into the Beryll Incursion Plot.

Unlike the other Guild starts, you do not start with the Headquarters (You will unlock it via the Beryll Incursion Plot)

  • Money: 10,000 Cr
  • Ship: Discoverer
  • Sector: Ringo Moon
  • Headquarters: Acquired via the main plot
  • Xenon Hub: Findable
  • Universe State: Terran Conflict
ArgonConfirmed Friend3
TeladiProfit Initiate0
ATFOuter System Access1
YakiDishonourable Adversary-4
OTASHired Security1
TerraCorpCombat Support2
AtreusPotential Friend0
Strong ArmsFriend0
BeryllTrainee Scripter0
DukesPotential Contact0

Bounty Hunters Guild

Start as a member of the Bounty Hunters Guild (Rogue Hunter).

  • Money: 500,000 Cr
  • Ship: Mamba
  • Sector: Zyarth’s Dominion
  • Headquarters: Available at Start
  • Xenon Hub: Findable
  • Universe State: Terran Conflict
ArgonSuspected Foe-1
SplitFamily Friend4
ParanidFriend of Priest2
TeladiProfit Initiate0
PiratesHired Help1
ATFOuter System Access1
YakiWanted Man-5
OTASSuspected Security Breach-1
TerraCorpPotential Security Breach-1
Strong ArmsCombat Support 3
BeryllTrainee Scripter0
DukesConfirmed Insurgent-5

Assassins Guild

Start as a member of the Assassins Guild. These start includes immediate access to the Headquarters.

Celestial Navigators Guild

Start as a member of the Celestial Navigators Guild. These start includes immediate access to the Headquarters.

Terran Conflict Starts

Albion Prelude Starts

Expanded Sandbox Starts

Challenging Sandbox Starts

Classic Starts


Custom Start

The custom start allows you to customise various aspect of the start. So if one of the other starts don’t suit you, you can create you own version. This also allows you to save and reload existing starts, so you could also exchange your custom start settings with others.

  • Name: This is your characters name (you can also change this in game after starting)
  • Set Random Name: This sets your characters name to something random, based on Faction/Gender
  • Faction: This is your starting faction, it will be display as such in your personal status menu.
  • Gender: This is primarily used when using a random name (Not all races have difference genders available)
  • Rank: This is your starting rank with your starting faction
  • Trade Rank: This is your starting trade rank, most starts will be at the bottom, but you can change it here
  • Combat Rank This is your starting combat rank, most starts will be at the bottom, but you can change it here
  • Money: This is your starting money. (This amount will not show in your account transaction)

Starting Ship: Allows you to select the ship you will start with (you can also add additional ships you have). Select it to open the context menu

  • Random: This will give a random choice that you will not know until you start the game
  • Random: Race: This will give you a random choice, but only from your selected start faction.
  • Select Ship Type: You can select the specific ship type you want to use
  • Loadout: Choose the loadout type of the ship (determines what equipment you start with).
    • None: The ship will be bare with nothing installed
    • S: This is the same loadout as you get at the shipyard, usually 1 small shield
    • M: This is the same loadout as the M version at shipyards, usually some average shields and weapons
    • L: This is the same loadout as the L version at shipyards, usually full shielding and best weapons
    • Default: This is a more random selection, and includes some additional equipment based on ship class

Universe State: This always you to select the state the universe will be in at the start. This will also determine what plots you have available

  • Farnham’s Legacy: The Terran sectors will be disconnected and requires doing the Terran Spy Plot to reconnect them. As such, and Terran plots, like the main Terran Conflict one is not available until the sectors are unlocked. All Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude plots will be available.
  • Terran Conflict: The Terran sectors are already linked, and you can start the Terran Conflict plot straight away. All the Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude plots will be available.
  • Albion Prelude: This is where the war sectors will be active and Albion will be available. The Terran Conflict and Aldrin Plots will be already complete, and the Albion Prelude plots will be available at the start.

Terran Spy Plot: This determines if the Terran Spy plot (from Farnham’s Legacy) is available. If you use a Farnham’s Legacy start, then you wont be able to access Terran sectors, and therefore the Terran Conflict (and Albion Prelude) plots.

Headquarters Plot: This determines the plot to use to gain access to your own Headquarters. The Farnham’s Legacy version allows you to make it findable, or make it available from the beginning

Player Headquarters: Only displays when using Farnham’s Legacy Plot. You can set the Headquarters to be findable (like the Challenging sandbox), or already available (like the Expanded sandbox).

  • No: No player headquarters available (this will lose access to other features, such as diplomacy)
  • Findable: The headquarters will be randomly placed in the universe, you must find and active it
  • Start Start: This will just be in your starting sector (same as Expanded Sandbox)
  • Random: Will be in a random sector (but you will own it so you can it in your property)
  • Selection: Choose a specific sector to put it in.

Xenon Hub Plot: This determines what plot to use for gaining the Xenon Hub. Farnham’s Legacy makes the Hub findable. Albion Prelude HQ plot is only available in Albion Prelude Game states, this is because you need the hub to complete the Aldrin Missions, which are needed before moving to Albion Prelude.

Starting Sector: This is the sector you start at. You can choose Random (could be any sector), Random: Race (any sector owned by your starting faction), or a selected sector.

Known Sector: This allows you to select other sectors you will know at the start. This can also be set to Random, or All of your starting factions sectors.

Random Notorieties: This will set all the faction ranks randomly. Turn it off to select each individual rank

Additional Ships: Here you can add additional ships to start with. (All ships will be in your starting sector)

Add Ship…: Select to add a new ship type and loadout. Once added, there will appear below, where you can remove them again.

Stations: This allows you to add stations that you will own. You need to select a sector and position to create the station at.

Add Station…: Opens the station select menu to add a new station, followed by the sector and position. Added stations will appear below where you can remove them again

Add Satellites: This option allows adding your own satellites to sectors.

  • None: No satellites spawned
  • Start Sector: Only 1 in your starting sector
  • All Friendly Known: All friendly sectors you know at the start (based on selection above). Doesn’t include any enemy sectors (based on notoriety selected above)
  • All Known: All sectors you know at the start (based on selection above).

Save Current Start: This is where you can set the settings for the start. This writes to a file found in My Documents/Egosoft/X3FL/data/CustomStarts

Load a Saved Start: This will let you select a previously saved (or downloaded) starting scenario

Confirm and Start Game: When you have finished, select this option to start the game

Custom Galaxy

The Custom Galaxy option allows you to select a different galaxy to play in. This option isn’t really used in Guilds, as the various plots require a specific galaxy.

Galaxy Editor

This option may be hidden (needs to be activated). Allows you to edit an existing galaxy, or create a new one.