Casino Games

Encounter Casino vessels in diverse sectors, typically identified as TL-class ships, with a prevalent presence in the central regions of the galaxy.

On these Casino ships, a variety of games await your leisure, providing an opportunity to engage in downtime entertainment and potentially boost your credit earnings. These can be accessed via the Comm menu.


Find a black jack dealer on your local Casino ship

The objective is to approach the number 21 without surpassing it. Face cards carry a value of 10, while an Ace can represent either 1 or 11. Going over 21 results in a bust, leading to an automatic loss. The participant with the closest sum to 21 claims the pot.

Select your wager wisely; a higher stake presents the potential for greater winnings, but it also carries an increased risk of losses.

First round you get 1 card, from here you can continue, or forfeit. Forfeit will lose your initial stake.

Continuing receives your 2nd card, you always have to have at least 2 cards. You will only see the dealers first card, so you wont know exactly what the dealer has. Once you have 2 cards, you then get a choice of how to procced.

Hit: will give you another card

Stand: will stick with what you have and the dealer will continue their moves.

Once both you and the dealer decide to stand, the cards are revealed, and the victor is declared.

Select Continue to finish the game.

In the case of a Tie, you will receive your stake back.