Equipment Packs

Equipment packs, are packs that can contain multiple equipment for easy installation onto your ships. Unlike equipment, which ships can only transport 1 at a time, a ship can hold any number of equipment packs (only limited by cargo space).

Equipment PackTCVolumePriceEquipment
Combat Software PackS4359,364Fight Command Software MK1
Fight Command Software MK2
Missile Defence System
General Software PackS267,930Singularity Engine Time Accelerator (SETA)
Duplex Scanner
Boost Extension
Navigation Command Software MK1
Special Command Software MK1
Mining Equipment PackXL60357,960Mining Command Software
Mineral Scanner
Special Command Software MK1
Ore Collector
Piracy Equipment PackS55,109,684Piracy Command Software
Freight Scanner
Salvage Claim Software
Cargo Tractor Beam
Traders Essentials PackM6364,976Trade Command Software MK1
Trade Command Software MK2
Trading Systems Extension
Trading Systems Extension MK2
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