New Lasers

Dark Matter Beam CannonXenonBeam
Electro-Magnetic Disruptor ArrayParanidAnti-Fighter
Electro-Magnetic EmitterTerranM5/M4
Electro-Magnetic RepeaterTerranFighter
Fusion Bomb LauncherTeladiM7
Gamma Pulse EmitterXenonFighter
High Energy Particle RailgunXenonM7
Lasertower Beam CannonBeam
Quantum Shockwave CannonXenonM2
Phased Plasma GeneratorParanidM7
Photonic CannonTerranM7
Plasma Burst ProjectorSplitM2

Weapon Restrictions

Some weapons have been given the same subgroup and restricted by race. These weapons will only work on ships that match the maker race. The corporations connected to the race will also use the weapon

Heavy Fighter Lasers (SG_LASER_ARGON_LIGHT)

ArgonPhased Repeater Gun
BoronPhased Repeater Gun
ParanidFragmentation Bomb Launcher
PiratesPlasma Burst Generator
SplitPulsed Beam Emitter
TeladiEnergy Bolt Chaingun
TerranElectro-Magnetic Plasma CAnnon
XenonGamma Pulse Emitter
YakiFragmentation Bomb Launcher

Frigate Lasers (SG_LASER_SPLIT_AF)

ParanidPhased Plasma Generator
TeladiFusion Bomb Launcher
XenonHigh Energy Particle Railgun