Celestial Navigators Guild

In the vast expanse of space, where galaxies, star systems, and celestial wonders beckoned to be explored, the need for a reliable, interconnected transportation network became paramount. Amidst the cosmic tapestry, the Celestial Navigators Guild was born, a beacon of order and efficiency in the ever-expanding frontiers of the universe.


The guild’s genesis lay in the visionary mind of Boron Captain Halilo Bo, a seasoned starship pilot with a burning desire to unite the far-flung corners of the galaxy. Her dream was to create a transportation network that would enable seamless travel and trade between distant worlds, making the cosmos more accessible to all. Captain Halilo Bo believed that, with the right guidance and navigation expertise, the vastness of space could be harnessed to benefit civilizations across the universe.

The Celestial Navigators Guild emerged as a collective of pioneering spacefarers, scientists, and engineers, united by their shared vision of establishing a safe and interconnected transportation network spanning the cosmos. Guided by their belief that reliable and efficient space travel was essential for the growth and unity of spacefaring civilizations, they dedicated themselves to this noble cause.

As the universe continued to expand and evolve, the Celestial Navigators Guild’s legacy remained firmly rooted in their commitment to enabling seamless, efficient, and peaceful transportation across the cosmos. They were the celestial wayfinders, guiding civilizations to new horizons and connecting the stars themselves.


Spoiler: Headquarters Location

The headquarters of the Celestial Navigators Guild is situated in the remote reaches of Boron space, specifically in the Infinity Oasis sector.


You will need to find gain enough trade rank before you can join the guild, the rank of Wholesaler will be sufficient. You also have to be on good terms with the Boron, a rank of at least Noble Peer.

You can then find the recruitment mission from the Celestial Navigators Headquarters, this mission will test your ability to transport passengers. You will also have to pay 10,000 credits, if you fail the mission, you will lose the membership fee, and will have to try again later.

  • Trade Rank: Wholesaler
  • Boron Rank: Noble Peer
  • Fee: 10,000 credits


  1. Novice Wayfarer
  2. Apprentice Navigator
  3. Journeyman Pilgrim
  4. Astro Cartographer
  5. Celestial Navigator
  6. Starfarer Captain
  7. Navigator-Commander
  8. Cosmic Strategist
  9. Eternal Voyager
  10. Grand Stellar Master


Missions will be available 30mins to 1hour


Accessible through the Headquarters, diverse cabins are available for purchase, serving as means of transporting passengers. These cabins vary in size, and each passenger necessitates a minimum requirement for accommodation.

Upon transporting a passenger, the cabin becomes occupied, and once occupied, you are unable to eject, sell, or transfer the cabin to another ship. It will permanently remain on the current ship until the passenger reaches their destination and disembarks.

Budget Cabin7M519,392The budget cabin represents the most economical and compact lodging option, designed for individuals with budget constraints seeking affordable travel. It features a cozy bed and minimal entertainment amenities, offering a no-frills accommodation experience.
Standard Cabin10M875,948This typical cabin is commonly chosen by the average traveler, serving as the preferred accommodation option. It includes a spacious bed and a diverse array of entertainment amenities for use during the journey. Moreover, the standard cabin provides more room compared to the Budget cabin, ensuring a more comfortable and less confined experience for travelers.
Family Cabin12L1,123,008The Family Cabin surpasses the standard cabin in size and is specifically crafted for accommodating a small family instead of a single guest. It comes equipped with a family bed and a smaller child’s bed. Additionally, this cabin provides extra children’s toys for the entertainment of young passengers. Opting for the Family Cabin proves to be a more economical choice compared to traveling in separate cabins.
Luxury Cabin12L1,403,760The Luxury Cabin caters to travelers with a more generous budget, exceeding the size of the Standard Cabin. It boasts a King-sized bed and is adorned with various luxurious amenities, ensuring an opulent experience. Additionally, the cabin offers a fully temperature-controlled environment, enhancing overall comfort during the stay.
Executive Cabin15L2,526,768The Executive Cabin stands as the most spacious among all available cabins. In addition to the King-sized bed, this cabin is equipped with a dedicated workstation, catering to business travelers who require a productive environment during their journeys.

Passengers have the option to use a cabin of a higher rank if their preferred one is unavailable, but they will not opt for a cabin of lower rank.

The Family Cabin is distinct and exclusively designated for family passengers. Family passengers will not switch to any other cabin; they will specifically utilize the Family Cabin.


You can find passengers to transport from the Guilds Board at trading stations, under the Passengers Tab.

From the Guild Board, you can select the filter to only display passengers in your current sector. You can only take on a passenger if you are in the same sector, but the board will show passengers from the surrounding sectors as well, so you don’t have to search every sector to find what you are looking for.

The Pickup Sector displays what sector you need to be in before you can pickup the Passenger.

Cabin Type is the minimum type of cabin required by the passenger.

Travel Type shows the type of travel. There are 4 different types of travel

  • Single: Is a single destination which will be another station, simply dock at the destination station to complete.
  • Multiple: Is a list of destination stations, which you have to dock at each one. Once you dock at a target station, it will be removed from the list so you can view which stations you have left to go.
  • Tourist: These passengers like to visit certain sectors, you just need to fly to the chosen sectors in any order
  • Joy Ride: These passengers dont care where you take them, they just enjoy the ride, once they have had enough, they will depart the next time you dock.

Destination shows the destination for Single travel, or the count for Multiple/Tourist.

Payment shows the amount you will be paid upon completion.

Selecting the passenger allows you to view more info.

This is also how you accept the passenger by selecting Pick Up, but only if you are in the same sector.

Viewing Cabins

Once you have passengers on board your ship, you can view the status of the passenger, using the View Cabins option in your ships context menu

This will display all your occupied cabins.

Select the Cabin for more details

When a passenger has multiple destinations, the list will only show those that are remaining.