There are a number of guilds available to join, these guilds will offer a number of jobs and missions available for you to do.

You can view the available jobs from the Guild’s Board, found in most trading station, depending on which guilds you are a current member of.

Guilds will also offer additional plot missions depending on your level within the guild, these usually help the guild to grow their status within the galaxy.

To join a guild, you will need to find their headquarters and take on their recruitment mission.

Guild Administrator

You can also find a Guild Administrator there for you to comm.

The Guild Administrator can show you your guild status, and sometimes other options as well, depending on the Guild.

Bounty HuntersIn the far reaches of the cosmos, where lawlessness and danger often eclipsed the reach of official authorities, the Bounty Hunters Guild emerged as a beacon of order and retribution. This covert guild, was founded to fill the void left by ineffectual law enforcement agencies and to bring swift justice to the interstellar frontier.
Assassins GuildIn the shadowy depths of the intergalactic underworld, a clandestine organization known as the Assassins Guild arose, becoming the stuff of whispered legends and chilling tales among the stars. They were the Silent Shadows of the Stars, feared and revered for their unparalleled skills in the art of assassination.
Merchants GuildIn the vast expanse of the cosmos, where civilizations and species interconnected through trade, known simply as “The Merchants Guild,” emerged as a pivotal force in the interstellar marketplace. The guild’s origins can be traced back to a time when disparate worlds, planetary colonies, and remote outposts sought a reliable framework for interstellar commerce.
Mercenaries GuildIn the turbulent and lawless depths of the galaxy, the Mercenary Guild emerged as a formidable force, forged from a coalition of battle-hardened warriors, combat specialists, and renegade soldiers who sought independence and adventure beyond the constraints of conventional military structures.
Celestial Navigators GuildIn the vast expanse of space, where galaxies, star systems, and celestial wonders beckoned to be explored, the need for a reliable, interconnected transportation network became paramount. Amidst the cosmic tapestry, the Celestial Navigators Guild was born, a beacon of order and efficiency in the ever-expanding frontiers of the universe.


Doing jobs and missions for the Guild will increase your experience, which will eventually increase your level. Increasing your guild level can gain access to additional jobs and missions, as well as new technology.

You can view your guild levels in your Pilot Status menu along with your race notoriety, as well as viewing each individual guild from the Guilds Board.


Most guilds will have additional missions that you can get from the Guild’s Headquarters while you are a member. The missions will depend on the Guild and usually has one available at a time.

Guild Board

As well as missions, you can also get various tasks from the different guilds, these tasks are found on the Guild Board which you can access via any Trading Station (as well as the Guild Headquarters).

Open via the Context menu of the station.

The Guild Board has numerous tabs for the different types of tasks available, with the final tab for your current guild status

Selecting the Guild will also open up the Guild Status.


The bounties board displays all the available bounties, these are tasks for both the Bounty Hunters Guild and the Assassins Guild.

You can use the Guild Filter to only display tasks for the individual guilds.

The Tracked Bounties section shows the bounties you are currently tracking.

The Available Bounties shows all the bounties available at your Guild Level. You can select the bounty for more information, as well as add to tracking.


The passengers board shows all the available passenger delivery tasks, these tasks are mainly for the Celestial Navigators Guild.


The escorts board shows a list of escort tasks, for you to escort trading ships (often through hostile space). These tasks are mainly for the Mercenaries Guild.


The trades board shows a list of available trades, where you can buy and sell wares (often in large quantities). These can also include lasers and missiles.

These tasks are mainly for the Mercenaries Guild, Merchants Guild, and Smugglers Guild.


The tasks boards has additional tasks available for the various guilds, that don’t fit into the other categories