Guilds expands on the Diplomacy system from the base game (X3: Farnham’s Legacy) by adding additional tasks and features.

You can find these via the standard diplomacy menu, found in the side bar

Diplomacy Menu

Task: Diplomatic Immunity

In this mission, an operative will secure diplomatic immunity, shielding the target race from dynamic notoriety fluctuations. This unique approach enables you to increase notoriety with the target race without adversely affecting relations with other races. Moreover, it prevents any negative repercussions from the target race when enhancing standing with their adversaries.

The operative will undergo a period of preparation before achieving immunity and must remain stationed for the effect to take hold. Additionally, maintaining this diplomatic immunity incurs hourly upkeep influence. Failure to possess sufficient influence for upkeep will prompt the operative to abort the task and return.

Task: Sooth Sector Relations

This mission operates akin to station hacking but involves nullifying the enemy status of all stations and ships within the sector. Notably, unlike standard hacking, successful completion of this task necessitates positive relations with the designated target race.

Task: Trade Contract

This assignment enables you to establish a trade contract with a factory. Under this agreement, the factory will deliver a predetermined quantity of goods to your Headquarters at a fixed price. Deliveries occur whenever the factory produces until it reaches the specified quota. Notably, the larger the quantity of goods you contract to purchase, the more cost-effective they become on a per-unit basis.

Task: Steal Wares

This assignment involves dispatching an agent to covertly acquire goods from a factory. You have the flexibility to select the specific ware (product or resources) for theft and the associated risk level. The risk level dictates both the quantity of goods targeted for theft and the likelihood of success. Opting for lower risk translates to stealing fewer wares but increases the probability of a successful operation.

It’s crucial to note that unsuccessful attempts may lead to the unfortunate consequence of your agent being eliminated.