Bounty Hunters Guild

In the far reaches of the cosmos, where lawlessness and danger often eclipsed the reach of official authorities, the Bounty Hunters Guild emerged as a beacon of order and retribution. This covert guild, was founded to fill the void left by ineffectual law enforcement agencies and to bring swift justice to the interstellar frontier.


The origins of the Bounty Hunters Guild date back to a time when space colonies and trading hubs teetered on the brink of chaos. Lawlessness ran rampant, and piracy became an ever-present threat to the burgeoning spacefaring civilizations. A group of experienced and determined individuals from diverse backgrounds saw an opportunity to establish a force that could stand against the tide of criminality.

Under the leadership of an enigmatic Paranid known simply as “Starfall,” the guild adopted a code of ethics that emphasized the capture of notorious criminals, the retrieval of stolen goods, and the protection of innocent lives. They developed an extensive network of informants, sophisticated tracking technology, and a fleet of well-equipped starships, all tailored for the dangerous work of hunting bounties across the galaxy.

The guild’s membership quickly grew to encompass a broad spectrum of individuals, from cyber-enhanced ex-soldiers to skilled trackers and technologically savvy hackers. Each Hunter underwent rigorous training in combat, investigation, and diplomacy, ensuring that they were well-prepared for the complex, ever-evolving challenges of their profession.

Bounties offered by the Bounty Hunters Guild ranged from capturing infamous space pirates and fugitive war criminals to retrieving stolen relics and lost starships. Successful completion of contracts was rewarded not only with substantial credits but also with respect and admiration from the communities they protected.

As the Bounty Hunters Guild flourished, it became a symbol of hope and justice on the fringes of the known universe. The Hunters’ stories of daring chases, epic showdowns, and relentless pursuit became legendary tales in the galaxy, celebrated for their unwavering commitment to preserving peace among the stars.

The Bounty Hunters Guild served as a vital force against lawlessness in the cosmos, a testament to the enduring power of unity and shared purpose among those who dedicated themselves to the noble cause of upholding justice on the stellar frontier.


Spoiler: Headquarters location

Despite the Guild having origins among the Paranid, the Guild decided to relocate into Split Space, in the sector of Zyarth’s Stand.


You will need to find gain enough combat rank before you can join the guild, the rank of Professional will be sufficient.

You can then find the recruitment mission from the Bounty Hunters Headquarters, this mission will test your ability to capture and return a bounty back alive. You will also have to pay 10,000 credits, if you fail the mission, you will lose the membership fee, and will have to try again later.

  • Combat Rank: Professional
  • Fee: 10,000 credits


Gain experience points by doing missions from the Headquarters and tasks from the Bounties Board.

  1. Cadet Pursuer
  2. Bounty Tracker
  3. Rogue Hunter
  4. Elite Pursuer
  5. Star Marshal
  6. Master Tracker
  7. Interstellar Sentinel
  8. Guild Inquisitor
  9. Cosmic Enforcer
  10. Grand Bounty Sovereign


There will be occasional be a random mission available from the Guild Headquarters, these missions can be used to increase your guild level by rewarding a certain amount of experience points.

Mission Types Available:

Guild Board

You can find the tasks for the Guild on the Guild board, these are found in the Bounties tab, and bounty that is not an Assassination type will be for the Bounty Hunters Guild.

You can use the Guild Filter to only display tasks from the Bounty Hunters Guild.


  • Bounty: Kill or Capture the target
  • Capture: Capture the target only (these will usually pay more). Killing the target will lose the bounty
  • Kill: Target has to be killed, if you try to capture them, you will lose the bounty. You can kill the ejected pilot to get the bounty.

For any capture targets, you need to return them to the Bounty Hunters Guild Headquarters, speak to the representative once you have docked to turn over any captured bounties.

The Captured bounties will be held in your cargo hold, so make sure you have the Cargo Life-support System installed. You can view the bounties info which will display how much the bounty is worth.

Selecting the bounties will give you additional options.

Info will display the Bounty Info display with additional information.

Track Bounty will add to the Tracked Bounties, if already tracked, the option will be replaced with Remove Tracking.

Send to Log will send the bounty info to your ships log so you can view it later.

Bounty Tracking

Unlike with missions, you will not have any guide to find the bounties, you will have to find them yourself. They may also not be in the marked sector, this is just around where they operate. You may have to search the surrounding sectors as well.

If you have the bounty set to Tracked, then you can view them from any Guild Board as well as asking passers by if they have seen them.

If they have seen the bounty previously, they will give you the sector and approximate time they saw them.

The Bounty Tracking Computer will make it easier to track, by also highlighting your tracked bounties as well as audio cues when they are nearby.

Bounty Payment

Payment for bounties is received once you kill the bounty, or if you capture them, when you return them to the Guild Headquarters. You will also gain experience at the same time.

Plot – Progression 1

The first progression plot will be unlocked at the Elite Pursuer rank. You should receive a message when the plot is available. Return to the Headquarters and speak to your contact to start the next phase.

Plot Summary

The plot will have you aid the Guild in building a new Headquarters.

  1. Find information about a new sector
  2. Update your targetting information for the Low Frequency Locator to find the new sector
  3. Unlock the new sector and scout.
  4. Aid in building a Trans Orbital Accelerator to allow the Guild access to the sector.
  5. Watch the creation of the new Headquarters

Plot – Progression 2

The second progression plot will be unlocked at the Interstellar Sentinel rank. You should receive a message when the plot is available. Return to the Headquarters and speak to your contact to start the next phase.

Plot Summary

This plot will help you expand the new home of the Guild and gain access to additional ships with a new Shipyard.

  1. Deliver multiple of wares to the Guild’s TL
  2. Help protect Guild Traders delivering construction materials
  3. Pickup final materials for shipyard
  4. Watch construction of shipyard

Plot – Final

The final part of the plot will be unlocked at the Grand Bounty Sovereign rank.

Plot Summary

Various faction see the expansion of the Bounty Hunters guild as problematic, and launch a full scale strike to stop. You must aid the Guild and protect their new home.

  • Protect the Guild home sector