Beryll Incursion – Argon Military Cadet

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If you used another game start, you need to join the Argon Military instead. Check Here

Cadet Training

As soon as you start you will be given your first mission. Find your trainer on the local trading station

Get in range of station if not already, comm and find the trainer

You first mission, is to destroy 3 fighter drones that will be launched one at a time from the trading station. Simply kill each one to continue.

Once all the drones are killed, return to the Trading station and speak to your trainer.

Repair Ship

If you sustained damage, you next task will be to repair your ship, if you have no damage, the mission will skip this step.

Simply Eject into your spare suit, and use your installed repair laser on your ship to repair your ship to 100% (this is mainly to teach you about the spacesuit repair).

HINT: You can use SETA to speed up the repair from your spacesuit.

Once fully repaired, you can then get back into your ship. (Select your ship to open the context menu)

Meet Patrol Zeta

Next, you will meet up with your assigned patrol leader, so start you actual military career. If you didn’t damage your ship previously, you will jump straight to this step, skipping the whole repair part.

You will find them in the sector, Home of Light gamma, to get there, head East, South, South, East. You can follow the mission tracking, that will point to the next gate you need to take.

Here you will find a Trading Station, where your patrol leader is waiting for you to contact them.

Upgrade your ships speed

If you have already upgraded your ships speed, then you will skip this step.

Here you are gifted an additional 10,000 credits to help you upgrade your ship. If you haven’t spent any money yet, you should have enough to cover the cost of the upgrade. Otherwise, you may have to go out and earn some more credits before you can continue. (The mission will wait for you as long as you need).

The mission will point you to dock at the trade station, where you can buy the speed tuning.

HINT: You can use the autopilot to automatically dock at the station

Once docked, access the trade menu to buy the upgrade, found in the side bar to the left.

Find the Engine Tunings which will increase the speed of your ship, each ship type has a maximum number of tunings that can be installed, and each tuning gets more expensive as you buy more.

You will need to buy the maximum, set the quantity bar (at the bottom) to the maximum.

HINT: You can use the End key to instantly set the maximum amount.

You can see at the bottom it will cost you 28,197 credits (if you haven’t installed any previously).

Start your first Patrol

You are now ready to start your first patrol, contract your Patrol Leader again.

Undock and meet up with your patrol leader in space. This is your patrol mission, this first one will be easy, with no actual enemies to fight.

First Patrol

For patrol missions, you just have to stay close to the patrol leader, in this case, Argon Military zeta Leader.

If you move further than 5km away, your patrol will pause until you get back into range, so just still within 5km and follow the patrol leader. They will fly to several points within the sector, before moving onto the next.

The Patrol will eventually end in Argon Prime gamma.